Energy Savings At Work

Besides being kinder on the environment, careful and efficient use of electricity will also be kinder to your pocket! Here are some tips to reduce your business’ electricity bills.

Improve your power factor

The higher the Power Factor, the more efficient your electricity consumption will be. A low Power Factor means your machines are inefficient. So, by increasing your Power Factor, your machines will use less electricity and still achieve the same results. Of course, this means, lower electricity bills!

Plus, you won’t have to pay a 1.5% - 3% Power Factor Surcharge if you ensure that your Power Factor doesn’t drop below 0.85.

Find out more on this page about Power Factor and how to improve it.

Operate your machinery/appliances during off-peak hours

Peak hours (8am – 10pm), is when most people are consuming electricity.Non-peak hours are from 10pm – 8am, when TNB generates less electricity. But most of the time the supply is not fully used by consumers. So, to be as cost-effective as possible, we recommend that you schedule the operations of heavy machinery during these hours you’d be surprised how much you can save this way! It is also beneficial for the environment as less power plants have to be turned on during peak hours. To enjoy up to 20% savings on your electricity bill, sign up for TNB’s Off-Peak Tariff Rider (OPTR) scheme.

Leaving the office? Turn off all office equipment.

By turning off lights, computers, printers and other office equipment, you will enjoy even more savings! Remind your colleagues to do so before leaving and soon it will become a habit.

Did you know that laptops use up to 80% LESS energy than a standard desktop?

How to wisely manage electricity consumption in your business:

Install automatic room lighting controls that switch off automatically at set times.Install motion sensors so lights switch off by themselves when there’s nobody in the room. Clean bulbs, lamps, lenses and reflective surfaces regularly so they emit more light. Remove lamps where there is more lighting than necessary. If you have a flat roof, install sky lights so there’s natural (and free) lighting. As to air-conditioning, instead of wearing jackets and sweaters on cold days, why not raise the temperature? Even 1°C can make a difference in your electricity bill. Generally speaking, 24 - 26°C is a comfortable temperature, and you’ll be surprised how much savings it can get you!

Energy Audit Calculator

Association of Water and Energy Research Malaysia (AWER) has developed a Low CO2 Tool known as Click d’ Thief. This was developed as part of CLICK to Low Carbon Lifestyle programme by AWER. If you wish to identify electricity consumption of your appliances as well as the equivalent carbon footprint, please click link below. Good luck catching the ‘THIEF’! Note: Adobe Flash plugin required Energy Audit Calculator