Commercial Energy Savings Tips

Save money and bring in more profits with efficient use of electricity.

1) Improve your power factor

Having low power factor may make your machines inefficient and as a result, will require more electricity to perform its tasks.
Increase your power factor so that your machines use less electricity and achieve the same result. This will also reduce your monthly electricity bill. In addition, you will avoid having to pay 1.5% to 3% Power Factor Surcharge, which TNB imposes should your power factor drop below 0.85.

2) Choose the right tariff for your business

During peak hours (8AM – 10PM), TNB generates a higher amount of electricity to meet the demands of usual working days. During off-peak hours when most of us are asleep, TNB generates less electricity, but this supply is not used to its fullest.
By rescheduling your operations to run heavy equipment during off-peak hours, you can reduce the amount of electricity required during the day. TNB has various tariff options to suit your business needs.

3) Turn it off when not in use

When you are done for the day, turn off your computers or set workstations to hibernate mode. Turn off printers, monitors and any other office equipment when not in use, especially overnight and on weekends.
Turn off all the office and building lights at the end of the day. On top of that, remind others to turn off the lights and turn off equipment when they leave.

Did you know? Laptops use up to 80% LESS energy than a standard desktop computer!

4) Light up wisely

Install automatic room-lighting controls that will turn lights on or off depending on occupancy or time of day. You can also install motion sensor that switches on lights in bathrooms, storage rooms and other little-used areas to save energy.
Make sure that bulbs, fixtures, lenses, lamps and reflective surfaces are cleaned regularly. By removing grease, dust and other dirt, you can increase the output of your lights.
While maintaining safe lighting conditions for work areas, remove lamps where you have more lighting than you really need.
If you have a flat-roofed building, install skylights for natural lighting to enjoy one of the best ways to save energy.

5) Use your air conditioners efficiently

While air conditioners are there to make sure that we work in comfortable conditions, office workers in sunny Malaysia are often seen in sweaters more suited for autumn. This is a clear sign that the air conditioning is too cold.
You can raise the temperature by 1°C to visibly affect your total electricity bill without anyone even noticing the difference. With sensible work attire, a cool 24-26°C should be enough to keep everyone comfortable in the office while providing significant savings in electricity.

6) Get energy audit done

Managing energy use is difficult if you do have the baseline information for your premise. An energy audit is an inspection, assessment and analysis of electrical energy usage in your premise. The results from energy audit will enable you to find the baseline value for your premise and identify the right energy saving measures. Train an energy manager or hire an audit company to do the energy audit.

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